Thursday, September 08, 2005

R is for Relentless Persuit

I have just discovered Hate Male, a blog from someone who has clearly encountered our Family Court justice system at some level, and I can't help but be fascinated by the posts there. One remarkable post tells a story detailing how many states (including NJ) have outsourced their probate process relating to support to a firm called Maximus, which perhaps should be called Misandrous Maximus. (It would be a joke name, if it's actions were funny.) Misandrous Maximus falsifies documents, and works the system, taking out orders against their victims in this state and that state irregardless of merit or legality, and the judicial system supports them almost every step of the way irregardless of the facts, while the purported beneficiaries of the orders, (when they exist), claim not to have seen most of the payments. This story ends up in NJ, which is no surprise to us. They couldn't have picked a better state if they were looking for a state to rubberstamp their every and any legal action taken against a man.

From the post:

Child Support Enforcement routinely does business this way. They create arrearages that have no basis in fact and then abuse the fathers to the point that they have no hope. The only way out for all too many of them is suicide. [M-no suprise to us] Then Child Support Enforcement tries to force the obligor's survivors to pay for the "outstanding debt" and they are soon driven to despair as well. [M-remember, child support debts are good against your estate too - even death is not an excuse for non-payment] See the post for the horrifying details.

This all comes home to me though -

In NJ, if a woman REQUESTS that payments be done through probate, that request MUST BE GRANTED. Up until I lost my job, I made my payments by hand though, and now that I am re-employed garnishment is being started, and I am VERY AFRAID that some organization like Misandrous Maximus may now attach to me.

Be afraid, be very afraid.



One man said...

Welcome to the club. You have finally located The Patriarchy. Just kidding, it doesn’t really exist. Looks like you've had your turn in the barrel and now are a true believer. Men ARE discriminated against. I can see you have already visited our blog, Hate Male Post ( Feel free to add us to your links section.

One man said...

We could use another memeber at HMP. Contact me if you would like to post there.