Monday, August 15, 2005

M is for Malevolent - Pt I

The word malevolent derives from Latin roots meaning 'to wish evil'. The Latin root 'male' (pronounced 'malay'), means 'ill' or 'evil', and 'velle' is a Latin root meaning 'to wish'.

I chose this name for this blog, because I felt that our judicial system and culture currently act across the board against men in a way that must be named what it is; evil. [Stripping over 1/4 of the population (divorced men) of their assets, and forcing them into indentured servitude, perhaps for the rest of their lives, and separating them from their children (the usual outcome of a custody suit in the western world) cannot be considered anything else.]

Malevolent also contains the word 'male' but, much as feminists might assume that our Roman elders knew that 'maleness = evil', in fact the word derives from the Old French masle, which in turn came from the from Latin masculus, a root for the word 'masculine'.

So the word 'malevolent' coincidentally contains both topics that I wish to address in this blog - the Malevolence of the system - and the group that our government and culture is targeting that I am concerned with – Males.

In another post, (this is the reason for the 'Part I' in the title of this post) I will sum up the ways that our culture and our government stigmatizes and persecutes men, but now I need to begin earning the paycheck that the state will mince for various types of ‘support’ -for forwarding to an ex-spouse who earns significantly more than I do.


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