Tuesday, January 03, 2006

N is for Not-So-Happy New Year

Apparently, according to the New York Post, January is a peak month for women to dump the husband; "Top divorce lawyers say they're braced for a spike in calls that will start today and last all month from men and women who want to ring in the new year by bringing the curtain down on their marriages." The article quotes several women lawyers. No word from men. And the voices these female lawyers speak with are predictably misandrous:

"In January, people are returning gifts and recycling husbands," said Los Angeles divorce lawyer Gloria Allred.

"[...] the top two New Year's resolutions are lose 20 pounds and . . . lose the jerk." - Sharon Sooho, divorce lawyer and co-founder of Divorcenet.com

And of course...

"New York divorce lawyer Suzanne Bracker says she believes the top cause of divorce is infidelity — and the holiday season may be when people discover their partners' hanky-panky."

You would think that a divorce lawyer would know the basic facts and statistics about divorce - that women seek the majority of divorces, and that 'fault' is only claimed in the minority of cases. Divorce is mostly, and in the majority of cases, about getting rid of an inconvenient man, and gaining a slave. Why have an equal, when you can have a servant, care of the state?

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