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L is for the Love Whose Name is Imprisoned

Some have criticised me for keeping my identity secret. Certainly if I was fully 'out', I would be more visible, a greater force for men's rights. But then there are my children to think of, ("your daddy's a deadbeat", "Your daddy was in the paper", "Your daddy hates women" and the like) and my future. What employer wants to take on a major men's rights firebrand? Certainly my personal struggle for some semblance of freedom takes up time and mental energy, and with my men's-rights antennae fully erect, I might be considered a litigation risk. Also, someday, I hope to change careers again, to a human-centric career. Prospective employers in that area are often strongly feminist, and I would find myself fighting an uphill battle. Finally, things I have written in my personal life, intimating that the situation of men was akin to slavery, have shown up in court already, and I have been advised that these types of things further predjudice the court against me. (hm, is that possible?)

So I am distinctly grateful to those men who take the time, and make the sacrifice to 'out' themselves.

One such is brought to our attention by Wendy McElroy in this article for Fox.

Here a man was willing to write a book about the hatred the system has for men, and name names, including the name of the judge. Of course the judge 'impounded' it. Of course the court did it for the 'good of the children', just as he took them away from their father for their 'good'.

But the man continues to press his case, and assert his rights. "Exposing the Corruption in the Massachusetts Family Courts" is still being advertised online.

The father, author and victim in the case, Kevin Thompson, states:

"This book was written to gain justice in the court of public opinion because justice certainly does not occur behind closed doors in these 'winner takes all' courtrooms where absolute power has corrupted absolutely. The sanctimonious claim that the secrecy of family court cases protects the privacy of the litigants is a lie.
"The only interests that are protected are the interests of the racketeers and hypocrites who invade 'family privacy' by removing loving fathers from the lives of their children against their will and without just cause to fill their pockets."

Thompson also notes here that: “I’m not a woman-hater, but all constitutional rights are thrown out the window for fathers."

Wendy goes on to note that the judgements in family courts commonly include a permanent injuction on discussing specific aspects of the proceeding.

In my opinion, secrecy is paramount, because injustice is rampant.

Read the book posting, and especially the comments, and heck, buy one before the company offering it on the web gets cold feet and pulls it.

Some of the comments are brilliant:
After reading this book how can anyone working in any area of “family law” believe that it is in the best interest of anyone but themselves to remove a loving parent from a child’s life? Simple, some people can justify doing anything for a buck especial under the guise of the “best interest of children”. They could not possibly be doing something so inherently evil just to line their pockets with the assets of the children they are suppose to be looking out for, could they? Well, yes they are.
This is a MUST read for any father in divorce to prepare himself for the shocking truth before it is too late. Most men only realize the corruption and fixed system at their trial when even their own lawyer railroads them into whatever sexually biased decision the out-of-touch judge wants. The family court system is so corrupt that the judges basically break the law every 5-10 minutes to press their personal agenda. Mine has broken the law 23 times so far. This is an important work and model for revolution against the unconstitutional courts.
Until the laws and courts are reformed this should become required reading for the American man before he may get married.
What clearly has happened to Kevin Thompson's family is Legal Abuse Syndrome, whereby the state 'actors' of judges and attorneys, under the color of law, dictate the facts of the case, scorn fundamental liberties, and destroy a father-child relationship. Kevin, facing a 'ban' of this book, is right to 'never shut up'. Since there is no jury to check the judicial license, Kevin has experienced in effect an infamous English 'Star Chamber'. Any citizen with or without children should fear and protest what has occurred to Kevin Thompson [...]
This is exactly how things do go down, its like a guidebook of navigating the system as a father in Essex court. All the way down to how to refer to the child and not use the word "my" , been there ;)We probably have passed each other in the court in Salem ! The system is broken and the children are loosing out on having a much needed relationship with thier fathers. This is a wake up call to fathers to not tolerate anything less then what is best for your children. The bar can only be raised if we dont settle. I think we all would rather spend the money of their college then have to spend at least that much in court fighting just to share in thier life.
[...] as an attorney, I found the author's personal story the most fascinating section of the book because it gave substance to the "all-too-real" claims expressed in the early chapters. A piece of free legal advice, Mr. Thompson. If you haven't already done so, DO NOT pay the mother's attorney fees. I examined your briefs carefully and it is crystal clear that the appeals court committed fraud when they called your appeal "frivolous with no basis in law or fact." Since this shocking response is an egregious betrayal of public trust and the laws of the land that these justices have sworn to uphold, it is also an act of treason against the country. File for injunctive relief in federal court and good luck to you!
I am floored by the amount of work Kevin put into this endeavor. I had similar experiences with the family court and it was extremely therapeutic to read this book. I am going to use this book as a starting point to rally some support for changing the courts. Kevin Thompson has done what all Father’s wish they could do, articulate and SUBSTANTIATE the criminal behavior of the Family Court.
I had the "fortune" well prior to getting this book, of having experienced much of what he has had to go through and let me tell you. This stuff is all too real! It's unfathomable for those who have not had direct or indirect involvement that such injustices as described in this book are routinely delivered. Sadly it's more the norm than not in MA as well as in many other states throughout this country. Had I not experienced this first hand I would have scoffed at the author's claims but now I know, all too well, how bad it really is and I hope this book helps expose it all! Fatherlessness is a desease than can and should be reversed, our childrens future is hanging in the balance.

It is shocking and remarkable that the court routinely takes children from their fathers - granting them 'visitation', and revoking their parental rights. Their attempts to sweep their behavior under the rug are merely a symptom. Truly, fatherhood is today a prisoner.

My best to you in your struggles.


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