Tuesday, June 06, 2006

W is for What to Do?

Men live in a horrific world, in many ways. If we even associate exclusively with a woman, she can hit us with palimony, if a crime is committed, we are the first suspects, more likely to be convicted, and get longer, harsher sentences.

We work longer hours, at more dangerous, and less pleasant jobs, and suffer more job-related casualties, for less benefits, and for less pay, once the hazards, hours, benefits, and other factors are weighed in.

Unlike women, our special education needs are not considered, our culture and ways of thought are ignored (no men’s studies programs at colleges) and we are slighted in the media and in entertainment as lowbrows and deadbeats.

Our medical needs attract less money, and, no surprise, we die early.

If we reproduce, willingly or not, and even if we do not reproduce, we are held responsible for the support of children, and their deadbeat mothers (who don’t want fathers around, just checkbooks)...

...While these same mothers had at their disposal a variety of abortion, adoption and other methods to avoid any responsibility for their kids.

Yet still, men are basically good eggs, look for true love wherever they may find it, and trust their partners. Paul McCartney is a prime example. He hooked up with Heather Mills, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, with a shady history. Many said that she was just after his money. Yet Paul declined a prenuptial agreement, and now, a scant four years later, Heather is filing for divorce. Analysts think she will get ¼ of his over one and a half billion dollar fortune. THE PAYOFF IS ALMOST TWO MILLION DOLLARS FOR EVERY WEEK SHE WAS MARRIED TO HIM. And this is of course not including support for the child that she had with him, or alimony. Men in England and Ireland are horrified. Of course, it would likely be worse here in the States, where she would likely get half his assets. (hat tip MensActivism.Org)

Divorcing your spouse used to be a bad thing, a terrible thing to do. Especially where children were involved. Yet today, it is a very profitable venture if your male spouse is financially well-heeled. Our government has effectively created a situation where divorce is very, very, very rewarding. They are rewarding something that is a crime against children and men. Ethically, no one should benefit from harming others, and yet this is what our current laws do – they reward women for taking advantage of men.

So what to do? I think that men need new set of rules, a new way of working with the system, because the old way is not working anymore, and because I am becoming more and more confident that ‘the pendulum’ is not going to swing back our way any time soon, no matter how much noise we make and how we vote. There is too much money to be taken from us, and too many rights have been given away already.

I will be writing a post outlining my new set of rules shortly, but for now, I will give you this teaser:

“Simple Role Reversal.”

My best to you in your struggles

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