Tuesday, August 22, 2006

R is For Reporting, and Revenue, and Roadkill

As a divorced ex-highly-paid employee, I have to document my job searches carefully - it is required that you do this or the court will decide that you chose intentionally to lose your job or remain unemployed - (remember 'guilty until proven innocent' is the standard for divorced men) - and are not actually doing a real search.

And the documentation requirements are huge. Additionally, in this day and age, if you are persuing several jobs at once, with a number of vendors, corporates, and recruiters, it is hard to remember to follow up on an appropriate basis.

So voilla, a database was built to carry out this task for me, tracking my contacts, reminding me to follow up, and generating reports for the evil judge, and my evil ex's lawyer. To the right you see the current main menu. It is a pretty nifty toy, I must say myself, generating emails directly to my prospective employers and recruiters, tracking each communication, and spewing out lawyer-intimidating reports on demand.

So as my job search, and abuse by my ex drags on, but I thought I would make this tool available to other disenfranchised men who certainly have the same problem that I do, trying to prove that they are seeking work, and having to prove that they are not guilty of 'slacking'. (something that only becomes a crime once your ex decides she doesn't want you in the house anymore.) So drop me an email at t9fgelo02[ at ]sneakemail.com in case you want to try out this tool, or learn more about it - see more screen shots - or example reports.

As for licensing it, I'll give you 20 days free, and then it goes into resist-mode until you pay up. I know that if you are needing this thing, you are poor and abused, so let's call it $50 if you can afford it. I can use the money, really.

If you can't afford it, write me a really sad email, and I will license it to you for free. Just remember me in your prayers.

And even if you don't need to document your search (heck, who am I kidding, if you are reading this here, you probably will find that you need to do this sooner or later), this tool is a great way to track your contacts and follow up properly.

Think of it like ACT!TM for the unemployed. ...Except way cheaper. And maybe it can help you avoid being legal roadkill in justifying your job search.

All my best to you in your struggles,

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