Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Z is for Zed

Ran into Zed in the city the other day. Hadn't seen him in a while. He'd been out of work for a long time, doing odd jobs, whatever. But here he was in a suit.
I was like "What's up with the monkey suit? Got a real job?"
And he relates that he has just landed a great job, and had just started paying off his ex - but he looks so depressed.
I am like; "So why the long face?"
and he tells me; "The job requires travel, lots of international travel."
And I am like; "- so, you like travel, better than living in your car like you have been, no?"
But he says; "When I went to the passport agency, they told me I can't get a passport until my arrears are paid - and I am going to be paying arrears for years. -Ha! Arrears for Years. - I am going to lose this job."

And it's true - in many states, if you owe even one dollar in support money, you can't get a passport. Just another way the Dred Scott decision is still very much alive in US Law. - Just another way in which men are enslaved here. And they want to keep you enslaved. No earning money for you - they will take away your professional licenses, your ability to travel, your posessions, and 65% of what you earn, and demand that you try and take out loans to pay off your 'arrears'. All prior to hearing (not trial - no, no trial for you). Slavery, pure and simple.

It is great to be part of the patriarchy, isn't it?

My best to you in your struggles,


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Anonymous said...

Who says you need a US passport?

If you have a relative in or from another country you may qualify for a passport from another country. I myself have 3, Canada, US and Australian. And oddly enough, they dont much care about your local debts overseas....

Anonymous said...

I live, when I am unfortunate enough to have a reason to return to the States, a few miles from the Rio Grande.

You do not now and it is unlikely you will in the future need a passport to enter Mexico. You walk to the border, and walk across, paying your 25 cents border crossing fee.

The US has attempted several times to implement i.d. checks for those who exit by land. there is a lot of political resistance, and the INS helps, because it would double their border budget.

If they do, worry not. If coyotes can bring a million Mexicans into the US, they can certainly, for a fee, get you into Mexico.

Once they coyote gets you to Mexico City, ask him to buy you some sort of i.d. You really have to mess up in Mexico City to have someone ask you for i.d., and for a fee you can buy almost anything.

Same methods can get you into Belize or Guatemala.

If you have enough money, you can make it anywhere, though why you would go to another nation as bad as the US makes no sense.

Anonymous age 64.

Stella Marie said...

I hope that thinkgs are going well for you I see that you havn't left a comment since December. You seem very wise, I like alot of what you have to say and I am going to hold it close to my heart and use it to encourage so many of the men that I know that are in stickey positions. I Am a 27 year old female and My parents are both married still, I have never seen the travisties of divorce or the true maleveolence of the courts against men untill aboout two years ago. I thought about becoming a lawyer in my shock and outrage of your genders mistreatment, but it wouldn't do any good except absorbe alot of educational time. My boyfriend is going thru hell and he has been since I met him almost 3 years ago. Eventually he will be free, though he may be 60+ and I'm sure his kids will all be well over 25. we live in a ghetto that my parents won't come visit but were happy when we can put the hate out of our minds for a bit, I just hope that his little babies will remember him fondly and that he will get to see them again one day. Please write more...these situations are all like train wrecks i can't stop reading them even though thier horrid, I keep thinking I might find a secret someplace that will fix everything. I am trying to get him a passport for Canada, not for staying there, just to visit, this is home no matter how crooked, he dosn't want to leave his babies, I don't want to leave my family. I think thats the worst thing is that everyone asumes that a man is a deadbeat cuz he dosn't have alot of money-Hello our econlmy is a wreck! He dosn't want to go away and make money he just wants to see the kids he never planned on having.

Stella in Detroit

I posted some of your blogs that I thought should be shared if you want me to remove them I will, I just think that certain people I know should read them too