Friday, August 31, 2007

F is for Fees

...And Federline....

Kevin, you see, is making news because he is asking Britt to pick up part of his legal fees. This shouldn't be news. Britt makes about 737,868/month. Kevin claims to have no real income besides spousal support. (Yeah, he should get a job, but never mind that.) And our legal system has a long standing tradition of sticking the man with legal fees, and claiming that it's really just about distributing the fees to the person with the money.

In actuality, this is just another way that our misandrous legal system puts yet another finger on the woman's side of the scales, and applies pressure. With women taking time out for kids and wanting to be housewives, men naturally make more. - And what woman is going to settle a case, if she knows that the judge is going to make the man pay her legal fees? And why not bring action after action once the divorce is finally filed? The man's payin! Pony up to the bar!

Well, now the justice system is in a bind. Sure K-Fed is kind of a tick, et cetera, but we are in a brave new no-fault world here. Doesn't matter. Britt makes the money, and if Justice lives down to its own misguided standards, she should pay. It might even happen, with so many eyes on this one.

But it shouldn't.

My best to you in your struggles,


Anti Misandry said...

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Keoni Galt said...

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Anonymous said...

Damn right she should have to pay.