Monday, June 30, 2008

W is for What’s in a Name?

When we are born, we are given a last name – a name that belonged, in most cases, to your father and mother.

A name that, again in most cases, your father had from his parents.

A name that your father, and his father, and your great grandfather and your mother worried about, and worked hard to make ‘a good name’.

There were opportunities that could have turned into quick bucks, or been fun for a moment, or have been quick and easy solutions that these people, your ancestors avoided, in order to preserve their good name and, at least in part, to hand it down to you.

Cheating, stealing, doing shoddy work, lying, taking unfair advantage, kicking someone when they are down, plagiarizing, tattling – these things all damage someone’s good name, the one fully untaxable asset we can pass on to our children.

But when your ex throws you over, and turns you into a wage slave, when she lies and cheats and steals, and still gets to walk into court with her head held high because divorce in the USA is ‘no-fault’, she gets to keep your most precious asset – your name.

The divorcing woman has a RIGHT to your name, and you can’t do anything about it. She gets to keep your name, as a convenience to her, so she doesn’t have to change all her accounts, and all the places she is registered.

And it is a convenience – how convenient for the person who loves to commit credit fraud against you to be able to keep your last name – so that she can show up anywhere and claim to be your wife – having a copy of a marriage certificate on hand to prove it – and able then to subvert and abuse your credit, and blacken your good name for the rest of your life. Divorcees make up a very large, perhaps one of the largest populations of credit fraudsters out there, and the pandering of the courts to their behavior contributes in no small way to their fraudulent behavior.

After all, what man is going to work hard to throw his ex-wife in jail, and make it harder for her to be employed? Indubitably she will then have even more incentive to go after him in court, with him footing the bill, and even less opportunities in the working world… …Imagine your ex-wife, unable to get a job because of her convictions, and then imagine her showing up in court and claiming rightly that she is unable to live up to ‘the standard of living which she became accustomed to during the marriage.’

Oh, and believe me, the court is going to back her 200% on that one.

By giving away the last name of the man, the courts remove the last vestige of patriarchal identity that men had – even our names don’t belong to us anymore, they belong to women.

Welcome to the Gynocracy


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