Thursday, October 20, 2005

P is for Pure BS

There is a rage in the manoverse, a rage relating to PBS's 'disinformercial' misentitled 'Breaking the Silence'. A more accurate moniker might be 'Breaking Wind on Family Law'.

I would love to opine on the thing at length, but, as I am swamped, let me direct you to other men's rights authors who have opined effectively and directly on the subject at hand:

Carey Robers shows that from it's first sentance the show is loaded with whoppers.

The Divorce and Custody Blogspot is busily ripping it new um, holes, with help from Glenn Sacks in the Times Union. Glenn is also featuring this as a new campaign. Drop by his site and send some letters, and ring some phones!

The show also picks up coverage from

Oh, and How did I miss it, MensActivism.Org is on the job too. :) Bless them.

Lots going on, please help to make this more visible, and counteract the lies.

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