Wednesday, October 12, 2005

N is for Nude Jersey

Breaking News:
New Jersey Superior Court Judge Convicted of Child Sex Crimes

I'm not seeing this in the general news yet, but then, it takes them weeks to catch up to news. Still, this case went all the way to conviction without my seeing it once.

Searching the web turns it up only at the Courier-Post, which serves southern NJ, and at the Sierra Times. Oh, it did show up in a few other places some time ago (like NY Newsday) , when the judge went with an insanity defense.

But it's all over the Man-Web, at Men's News Daily and at Masculiste.

Oh, and I should probably cite the site of the man who had the oo's to pen the article, Jim Kouri, CPP

Quote from article:

New Jersey Superior Court Judge Stephen W. Thompson, who traveled to Russia to have sex with a teenage boy, was convicted by a federal jury last week on a charge of sexual exploitation of children. The judge also produced a videotape of sex with a minor and then transported that videotape back to the United States. Judge Thompson is associated with the North American Man Boy Love Association, a group which promotes sexual relations between adult men and children. NAMBLA is currently represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

My comments:

  • Yet another blotch on the face of NJ 'Justice'.
  • We all knew the emperor (NJ justice) was naked, we just didn't know that (s)he was getting that way with boys.
  • Why isn't this getting any play in the media? You would think the papers would love a 'sex' story. Or are NJ Judges too well protected against negative press to report on?
  • The article implies that part of the huge trove of man-boy sex stuff turned up in the discovery phase was found in the Judge's chambers. Somehow that seems particularly disgraceful.
  • I note that the ACLU is advocating for NAMBLA... Hm. Any chance that the ACLU will take up the case of divorced men in general? We are at least as hated and reviled as pedophiles and nazis...

I'm still disgusted.


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