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M is for MisAnDrope 2006

Notable Quotables from 2006

Note: some of the titles for the quotes are not from MisAnDrope's original post titles...some I took the liberty of taking the quotes out of context to give 'em a more general relvance to the the basic idea he was expressing.

N is for Not-So-Happy New Year
"New York divorce lawyer Suzanne Bracker says she believes the top cause of divorce is infidelity — and the holiday season may be when people discover their partners' hanky-panky."

You would think that a divorce lawyer would know the basic facts and statistics about divorce - that women seek the majority of divorces, and that 'fault' is only claimed in the minority of cases. Divorce is mostly, and in the majority of cases, about getting rid of an inconvenient man, and gaining a slave. Why have an equal, when you can have a servant, care of the state?

M is for Ma Jersey (The New Jersey Nanny State)
Ma Jersey never wanted you to succeed as an absentee parent anyway. She just wants you as a deadbeat dad statistic, helping to show that her politicians are beating the bad guys and protecting the poor defenseless wives.

C is for Choice
When NOW argues for abortion rights, they talk about 'choice' and we hear about single mother's decreased standards of living, and loss of educational and work opportunities. But try and raise those same issues with respect to men, all of a sudden the fetus becomes a CHILD, with RIGHTS that must, apparently be enforced against un-consenting MEN.

I is for Injustice
Another bizarre argument is that NOT forcing MEN to support these children, is that society will bear the burden and it is better for a single man to suffer a lot unjustly than for us all to suffer a little through taxation.

I say injustice is injustice, and the court cannot curtail an individual's rights without a showing of fault or responsibility. In this case, a WOMAN has a choice - to be responsible for her child, or not, or not have the child at all. She can drop the child off at a hospital or police station without responsibility in most states. No one asks if she should be working to offset the debt that society will incur raising her child.

But a MAN has no such choice. A woman is NOT responsible. She can choose whatever outcome she desires. A man IS HELD responsible. He has no choice.

C is for Choice
Men have no choice, or one choice: Whatever the woman chooses.

G is for Gynocracy
Many deny the Gynocracy we live in - but the reality is just outside our doors.

If you are reading this during working hours, finish scanning this entry, and then pack it in for 30 minutes. Pack it in, and go to your nearest park. Fresh air will do you good.

Now count.

Count the number of working-age men, and the number of working-age women who have the ability to enjoy the park during the day. I usually come up with one man for every 4-5 women. Sometimes less men.

The long and the short of it is that men have to work.
For women, as with so many things (maternity for instance), it's an option.

Welcome to the Gynocracy.

D is for Decompression
I know what gets written in this blog is often dark, and unhappy as I protest the bias against men that is so prevalent in our culture and courts. It is good to remember that I complain about the bias in an existence where I have my kids, where I have a beloved new spouse, and in spite of being enslaved, very poor, and frequently sued, I am also much, much happier and more fulfilled.

A is for Apology
We live in an interesting world.

I apologize for not commenting on it more, but I am busy being a slave to my ex.

K is for Keywords
Accountability and responsibility are the keywords here. Women need, first of all, to be held responsible for their actions. And this means supporting THEIR OWN children. If they want a man to help, they have to work to keep him around. If the court system is going to make men (and far too often random men) slaves to women who purportedly had children with them, then they AT LEAST should ensure that the women actually spend the money on necessities for the children. Why not have the men pay into the food-stamp program, and give the women food-stamps to help feed the kids? If we are going to enslave men, it sounds like one way to be sure we aren't rewarding criminal women for their crime. Which is what we do now.

L is for Legal System
So yes, our legal system, and the rights afforded us by our system of government are amazing. Perhaps some day, someone will get around to re-applying those rights to divorced men.

M is for Marriage Strike
The younger generation of men has already wised up. Why else are 40% of all children born out of wedlock, and why else are married people now a minority? The activist courts and legislatures have made marriage a non-starter for men. Hopefully someone will explain it to them in really simple words that they can understand, and do it soon, before we become a nation of bastards.

S is for Second Wives
And while I am celebrating good things, I want to celebrate my current wife, and all second wives. They buy into a world where their privacy is routinely violated, they accept pre-broken families, distraught children, evil ex-wives, and men whose financial contribution is little to naught, supporting us until our ex-wives decide to get on with their lives, which is most often never...

...and effectively supporting the excesses of our ex-wives. Knowing what I know now, I am not sure I would ever blame a woman for deciding not to date a divorcee. We are damaged goods, our entire financial future resting on the whim of an ex-wife in whose interest it is to keep us continuously poor and under their thumb. The legal system affords ex-wives a 'legal', free slave, and free enforcement through probation. So simple, so easy, so legal... - few people can withstand that kind of temptation. And second wives buy into that world, truly, marrying for love.

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