Monday, January 05, 2009

B is for Biting My Tongue

Just recently spent some serious time amongst the higher reaches of academia, hanging out with people who spend their time reading, writing and discussing various cerebral topics.

My sample wasn't statistical, but the amount of "Women's Studies" and "Feminist xxx" and "Feminist XXX Research" was very impressive.

I only asked once where the "Masculist Studies" group was. Otherwise I bit my tongue. But you know, there was no "Masculist Studies" group. Of course not.

So I decided to take some time and examine the place where this confabulation was being held. Spent some time walking the streets, and saw much of the city. Saw a small town of homeless men, occupying a desolate and cold square next to a highway. The men were moving about, arranging and 'repairing' the rags and ripped tarps that they were using for shelter on the cold, mostly bare ground that they were occupying.

Also saw a shiny multi-story women's shelter with frosted glass on the windows, with a 'homeless' woman out front, obviously a resident, well fed, dressed, sheltered and groomed who begged me for change.

I'd like to see some change, myself.

Thanks to those who have donated,
Thanks to those who have helped,
My Best to All of You In Your Struggles.

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