Wednesday, September 16, 2009

F is for Feminized Field-Day

For some reason was thinking about 'Field-Day' the other day.

Now, I assume everyone knows what this is, and maybe they don't: 'Field Day' is a day of sports activity held at the end of the school year for school children - usually K-6, back in the days before they invented Middle School. (Why DID they do that anyway? Just so they could have more administrative slots?)

Anyway at Field Day, you did all of the different sports you were interested in - anyone could compete, and there were 'first, second and third/blue, red and yellow' ribbons for the winners from each grade.

There was a 100m dash, and longer runs, and relay races, and the broad jump, and the 'hop, skip and jump', and silly things like 3-legged races and wheelbarrow races. It was loads of fun.

Anyway, I now have my own kids, and attend and sometimes volunteer at the modern 'Feminized' Field Day. It is unrecognizable. First of all, it isn't held at a field. Not that no fields are available, it just wasn't that sort of thing. See now, at least for where my kids went to school, 'Field Day' is about social education.

It is about 'stop smoking', or 'drug avoidance' or 'save the earth' or 'gang awareness' or something. And there is some limited physical activity, but all just taking kids through the motions of avoiding the ciggies and dodging the pusher.

But nothing competetive. No. You go through the motions, and then line up for the next activity. Not that the kids minded hugely, it was a break from the routine, and they got to be a little physical, and get some of their energy out playing silly games.

The first time I helped at one of these things, I was like, 'OK, what do the winners get...' and I got stared at. EVERYONE is a winner. We don't give out prizes. OOHHHH.

Because competition is bad. Winning is bad. No we should prepare our children to live in a non-competetive world where the few who work take care of the rest of us.

OK, Let me know how that works out.

- Oh, wait. We're living it now, - with an economy destroyed by housing entitlements and government control of industry and banking - and soon, if we're lucky, healthcare.
...I can hardly wait.

My Best To You In Your Struggles


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