Monday, October 12, 2009

F is for Fair Warning

Well, the court system seems to be calling me, and I suspect strongly, with some evidence that my very evil ex has figured out that this blog exists.

And so therefore, I am going to go into hiding, until such time as the court has done abusing me. Perhaps I will throw out links to other sites, but the posts on this site needs must disappear for a while.

I won't delete them, I will just hide them. If it happens that you need me to dig a link, or some data from a post up, please email me at b3u8ebs02 at

I apologize for being a wimp, but my private emails have been introduced to the court before, and have previously helped the court to decide that I was being 'truculent' about my enslavement. I suspect that my blogging here would be even more evidence of my lack of good faith. (insert eye roll here)

So, I must go into hiding. I pray for the day that what I must conceal can be said in the open, but obviously, it is also our right to free speech that is under attack by the Gynocracy.

This is a 'fair warning' post, and it itself will shortly dissappear, to be replaced by some generic message.

My Best To You In Your Struggles


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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight M. They can silence your blog, but they cannot silence your ideas.

M is for Memes. The MRA memes that have been fleshed out here have already been let loose in the population at large and their spread cannot be contained by lies and tyranny.

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech said...

Good luck. You have many friends supporting you in spirit.