Friday, October 02, 2009

M is for Moms - Reprise with some links...

A reprise of a poem from Jan 2008 with some, but not all, by far, links added.

They can cook kids in ovens
They can drown them in lakes
They can chop off their limbs
They can burn them at stakes

They can smother them
Bleed them
Dismember them all
They stash their sad bodies
In closets, behind walls...

...In suitcases grim, beneath flower beds;
They begged for their lives;
And now they are dead

Their killers? -Their mothers;
Who beat, drown, and hack;
When it comes to child-murder;
The mom is no slack.

But when it comes to the court
And the newsreel we find
That men are the villains;
They think all moms are kind

They little consider
The statistics which tell
That families-sans-fathers
Are our children's worst hell

So pray for our children
And pray for the State
Which finds women all saintly
And men, reprobate.

Perhaps some day soon
We'll treat women like men
And not coddle those
Who kill most
Who cause Woe to Men.

My Best To You In Your Struggles


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