Friday, September 23, 2005

E is for Everything

The divorce courts can and will take everything. Is it community property? Is it not? Doesn't matter.

The following is from the NJ Family Law site:

Got The Alimony Blues? Sell The Guitars:

Alimony arrears must be satisfied. If not, assets will be seized and sold, even if those assets are or were otherwise immune from equitable distribution in a New Jersey divorce. That's the lesson to be learned from this case, in which the trial court [1] ordered the defendant ex-husband to sell his guitar collection to satisfy the alimony arrears and [2] granted attorney's fees in favor of the plaintiff ex-wife . Tiberio v. Johnson, New Jersey Appellate Division, A-1658-03T3, January 14, 2005.

Not that it is a surprise, really. Men aren't allowed property after a divorce. I am guessing that this was an inheritance, or perhaps belonged partly to someone else in the family, whose rights just don't matter either.

Oh, and note, the MAN still gets to pay the legal fees too. Thanks Ma Jersey. Nice.


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