Wednesday, September 07, 2005

S is for Slavery

In prior posts we have established (to most men's satisfaction, if not the courts) that Alimony is Slavery based on the Constitution of the United States, and that it was also involuntary and debt servitude based on the US Code, and we have discussed the fact that divorce hugely increases odds of male suicide, and linked that back to the hopelessness of the slavery and theft of ones children and assets that regularly occurs in divorce.

There are a variety of other ways in which the parallels with slavery are interesting.

First of all, apparently men don't have civil rights:
Jessica Weiler, assistant Michigan attorney general indicated that: "A claim of a debtor's prison punishment is not legitimate in a child support case." in a case where a man was claiming that he was being forced into debt-servitude.

Secondly, the enslaving government of the US has enacted a modern day version of the 'Dred Scott' decision - for those of you whose knowledge of the history of slavery has faded, Dred Scott was a slave who sued for his freedom (and that of his wife) based on the fact that he had resided in states where slavery was illegal, and should have been freed at that point, and should have remained free. The Supreme Court of the US issued an extremely ignorant opinion which basically enforced the rights of slave-holders over their escaped slaves everywhere. Similarly, as men were escaping from 'modern slave states' such as New York, New Jersey, California and Massachusetts to other, free states, the federal government created the 'Bradley Amendment' - which literally forced all states to revoke due process for any man who falls behind on their support and alimony payments, and required them to sieze assets and income of these men, and forbade them from forgiving these debts no matter what the circumstances. Somehow it seems appropriate that the sponsor of this bill, Bill Bradley, was Democratic Senator from my misandrous state, NJ.

We actually have TWO Dred Scott laws, because president Clinton signed a law (the 'deadbeat parents punishment act') making it a FELONY to cross state lines to escape slavery (see here for a summary of Clinton's wrongheaded work against men, set in glowing terms, and with lots of misleading statistics) Clinton also worked to be sure that 'deadbeat' fathers could be quickly identified if those fathers sought work in their new state, and force mothers to identify some male to foot the bills for their support.

Well, in yet another parallel with slavery, there is apparently an Underground Railroad for men: an organization called 'PAFE - the Planetary Alliance for Fathers in Exile which assists men locked into slavery in their home countries in escaping overseas. The Western Standard (registration required, but very worth it), discusses this organization and the flight of educated men from the slave states of North America. The article takes up the story of a Canadian tapped for $22,000 per year in support for children that he wasn't allowed to see. With some cloak-and-dagger and secured emails he is guided in escaping the country. Suddenly. Without notice. Secretly.

PAFE claims that 100,000 men per year abandon the United States alone due to the draconian divorce/support/alimony laws that are in place here. PAFE is quoted as saying "The number of men forced into illegal [...] debtor's prisons in America stands at a quarter of a million" and that many more continue paying into it just to be able to see their children and stay 'safe' day to day. PAFE also indicates that almost 100,000 men have similarly escaped Great Britain, and 137,000 from Australia, moving to Europe and changing their identities.

One father is quoted as saying "I figured [...] either I don't see [my children] from jail, or I don't see them from the U.K. So I chose not to see them from the U.K."

The head of PAFE, a doctor, states that he got into this business when another doctor approached him about doing something to reduce suicide rates among divorced men. It is no surprise to us that he was able to see the link between the misandry of the courts and the suicide rate. As of today, he has helped 4,700 men escape slavery and find safety in exile. If each of these 4,700 is a professional, they may represent over 9 billion dollars in lost skills and future income to Canada - and if the 100,000 number for the US can be believed, (and I think it is low), we may be losing over a quarter of a trillion dollars in future income every year.

So I wonder - how extreme does the enslavement of divorced men have to become before someone in the government starts reigning in our out-of-control divorce industry? The article suggests that few legislators care. Those men wouldn't have voted for them anyway.


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