Thursday, September 07, 2006

G is for Good

Not everyone is promoting a negative image of men, or looking to take advantage of us. There is much that is good in the world, if we look to find it, even in these dark times.

The other day, for instance, my daughter came home with a new purchase - a T-shirt that says "My Dad Rocks!" in large, glittery letters. My beloved, who was shopping with her, attested that she had to really search to find one that didn't say 'My Mom Rocks!'. The store was Target. So, they might be stocking way more 'My Mom Rocks!' shirts, but they did stock some 'My Dad Rocks!' shirts. Good for Target! Now give us some balance...

And then, a few days later, I was eating some yummy prepackaged potato salad, and some German potato salad, all bought from the same store. And I wanted to glance at the ingredients, but the product name caught my eye. It was "Grandpa's Steakhouse Potato Salad" and "Grandpa's German Potato Salad" from Garden Fresh Foods. Apparently someone at Garden Fresh Foods thinks that Grandpas might be able to cook, and that other people might think so too. Bravo, Garden Fresh Foods of Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

And while I am celebrating good things, I want to celebrate my current wife, and all second wives. They buy into a world where their privacy is routinely violated, they accept pre-broken families, distraught children, evil ex-wives, and men whose financial contribution is little to naught, supporting us until our ex-wives decide to get on with their lives, which is most often never... ...and effectively supporting the excesses of our ex-wives. Knowing what I know now, I am not sure I would ever blame a woman for deciding not to date a divorcee. We are damaged goods, our entire financial future resting on the whim of an ex-wife in whose interest it is to keep us continuously poor and under their thumb. The legal system affords ex-wives a 'legal', free slave, and free enforcement through probation. So simple, so easy, so legal... - few people can withstand that kind of temptation. And second wives buy into that world, truly, marrying for love.

A blessing and a shout out to second wives, everywhere.


My best to you all in your struggles,