Thursday, October 22, 2009

M is for Man Song

In case you haven't seen it before:

You can laugh, or you can cry.


Monday, October 12, 2009

F is for Fair Warning

Well, the court system seems to be calling me, and I suspect strongly, with some evidence that my very evil ex has figured out that this blog exists.

And so therefore, I am going to go into hiding, until such time as the court has done abusing me. Perhaps I will throw out links to other sites, but the posts on this site needs must disappear for a while.

I won't delete them, I will just hide them. If it happens that you need me to dig a link, or some data from a post up, please email me at b3u8ebs02 at

I apologize for being a wimp, but my private emails have been introduced to the court before, and have previously helped the court to decide that I was being 'truculent' about my enslavement. I suspect that my blogging here would be even more evidence of my lack of good faith. (insert eye roll here)

So, I must go into hiding. I pray for the day that what I must conceal can be said in the open, but obviously, it is also our right to free speech that is under attack by the Gynocracy.

This is a 'fair warning' post, and it itself will shortly dissappear, to be replaced by some generic message.

My Best To You In Your Struggles


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

G is for Getting Married?

Getting Married?

Thinking about it?

If so, you should take a moment to read this post.

Did you know that better than 60% of marriages end in divorce?

Did you know that women file the vast majority of those divorces?

Did you know that in the vast majority of divorces, women get your children, and you get to visit them on occasion if you are lucky - and women get better than half the assets, and women usually get the house to live in until things get divided, and women generally get support of some sort?

Ok, with that in mind.... ...look at the picture below.

This is an UNEMPLOYMENT PAYMENT CONFIRMATION. This one is for a top earner, who is getting the maximum unemployment possible. He's been out of work for almost 2 years. Take a moment to review it. I'll wait....

Ok, notice anything funny about it?

-Like how the gross is over %1,000 for two weeks, but the actual amount of the check is $280?

Where the heck did all that money go?

Well, see - right there - most of it went to 'Garnishment'. This man, who has his kids, who is out of work for years, loses 65% of his unemployment to his ex-wife.

Want to know what her gross income is?

Would it suprise you to know that she brings home over $100,000?

You may say: Oh, he just needs to go back to court to get that thing adjusted.


Would it suprise you to learn that he had been back to court?

That in fact, his ex-wife SUED him for a 'violation' of her rights - because he wasn't paying the full amount of her 'support'?

Would it suprise you that not only did the court not reduce his payments, but that it increased them?

Well, if any of this suprises you, you just plain don't know how the game is played here in good sweet ol' New Jersey.

So, I ask again...

Are You SURE You're Getting Married?

My Best To You In Your Struggles


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Friday, October 09, 2009

D is for Die (Like a Man)

Today’s statistical foray is into the field of 'Survivorship'. One key way that we measure the relative treatment and condition of the different races is by their relative survivorship over time – how quickly they die off as opposed to the average, and as compared to other races. Black men, for instance, are about 1/3rd less likely to make it to age 80 than white men, and that indicates to us that black men are doing about 33% less well in our society than white men.

And the same logic reasonably applies to the differential in survival rates between men and women – a black male is 50% less likely than a white woman to make it to age 80, and about 35% less likely than a black woman to achieve that age.

And it isn’t about race as much as it is about sex. Life expectancy at birth for black women has uniformly exceeded that of both white men and black men since at least the 1970s. More than your race, your sex determines when you will die.

And the problem doesn’t start at the end of life, or even at age 80. Somehow disparities in being able to care for and raise males start in the very beginning of life. Already at age one, per the survival tables, we have 240 less males per 100,000 than we do white women. Apparently there is something it about white girl babies that their odds of living are just higher. Like, maybe we take care of them better. Oh you may say “That’s just boy babies – they die more.” But if they do, shouldn’t we do something about it? And can you imagine saying something like that about girl babies? 240 out of 100,000 may not seem like a lot, but extrapolate that out to our current population of about 300,000,000, and you find that almost 400,000 of today’s potential males are missing because they died in their first year – males that perhaps could have still been around if we could take care of them as good as we do white girl-babies.

And by the time we get to the 20 year-olds, that number has almost doubled – with about 720,000 missing young men, men who might be around if we socialized and cared for our males the way we do women. But there’s more. Now we are getting into the work, marriage and divorce years. Men are getting married and then divorced, most often not by choice, and find themselves destitute, emasculated, enslaved and financially destroyed, and are also taking jobs that put their lives and health at risk - and the numbers start shooting up. By the time US men hit 45, more than 2.7 milion of them are missing. Dead. 2.7 million men in their mid 40s are dead who would be alive today if we could just do as good a job keeping them alive as we do women.

And it keeps on going up. Without going into detailed age distributions, it can be estimated that over 10 million men have died who might still be around today at age 80 – if only we could have taken as good care of them as we do women.

But instead we hear about ‘breast cancer’ and ‘ovarian cancer’ and ‘women’s heart disease’ and all manner of women’s ailments, and even more tellingly, our media is full of stories about women feeling ‘unfulfilled’ and ‘unhappy’ with their roles in life, and taking weeks and months off to renew themselves.

Few and far between are the organizations raising awareness for men’s concerns – suicide, men’s heart disease, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, penile cancer, male breast cancer, workplace hazards and the like. Where are the stories in the media about men taking months off to renew themselves after half a life of wage slavery? There aren’t many, and you won’t find Oprah, Oxygen or HGTV financing a men’s month off to get rejuvenated either. You gotta earn the money and go do it yourself.

So in case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a woman’s world.

Welcome to the Gynocracy

My Best To You In Your Struggles


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(Data used for calculations in this article is from the CDC’s December 2007 National Vital Statistics Report, Vol 56, No 5 United States Life Tables, 2004 by Elizabeth Arias, PHD, and also from the historical statistical abstracts of census data maintained by the US Census Bureau)

Friday, October 02, 2009

M is for Moms - Reprise with some links...

A reprise of a poem from Jan 2008 with some, but not all, by far, links added.

They can cook kids in ovens
They can drown them in lakes
They can chop off their limbs
They can burn them at stakes

They can smother them
Bleed them
Dismember them all
They stash their sad bodies
In closets, behind walls...

...In suitcases grim, beneath flower beds;
They begged for their lives;
And now they are dead

Their killers? -Their mothers;
Who beat, drown, and hack;
When it comes to child-murder;
The mom is no slack.

But when it comes to the court
And the newsreel we find
That men are the villains;
They think all moms are kind

They little consider
The statistics which tell
That families-sans-fathers
Are our children's worst hell

So pray for our children
And pray for the State
Which finds women all saintly
And men, reprobate.

Perhaps some day soon
We'll treat women like men
And not coddle those
Who kill most
Who cause Woe to Men.

My Best To You In Your Struggles


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Thursday, October 01, 2009

E is for The Economic Lull

I can't imagine why divorce would drop off in bad times.

I mean, if the problem is the evil, cheating man, then the solution is divorce, no? Bearing in mind that the majority (about 70%) of divorces are filed by women, then certainly, if the problems are violence, masculine stubbornness, male ignorance, and the like, and given a divorce system that makes men pay their partner's legal fees, divorce rates should stay the same.

Unless, of course, it isn't about anything but the freaking money.

I've said it before - it's a storm of the spirit - a moral storm, and unfortunately it appears that the majority of women lack a moral compass, and so therefore their partners, the men, are at great risk.

My Best To You In Your Struggles


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