Saturday, November 27, 2010

P is for Proportion

Heretical Sex (hereinafter HS) draws our attention to a judge who "says mothers should have children taken away if they don't let fathers see them". Ok, this is a Daily Mail article from the UK, but still, the joyful bit of the article is that the justice in question 'Mr Justice Coleridge' advocates something like a '3 violations of visitation and then jail' policy.

Now that's all very nice, and better than the toothlessness that the current law seems to operate on with respect to how they treat women, but come on! Men can get tossed in the slammer after a couple months of not paying their peonage, and women? You've got to take them to court 3 times, and they've got to violate 3 orders. That's probably $100,000 in legal fees and two to three years just to get to see your children that the state kidnapped by gifting them (and your income) to your ex, and making you an unwelcome and infrequent visitor in their lives.

Is this common sense? Or is this taking one cup of milk, and passing it in through the bars of the concentration camp to where we keep our men?

The justice in question is clearly terrified of this being a hard and fast rule, terrified of the backlash against him in case the law might ever apply to women. He's afraid he's gone too far already, you can see, but it isn't enough.

-We're dying in here.

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