Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Z is for Zed

Ran into Zed in the city the other day. Hadn't seen him in a while. He'd been out of work for a long time, doing odd jobs, whatever. But here he was in a suit.
I was like "What's up with the monkey suit? Got a real job?"
And he relates that he has just landed a great job, and had just started paying off his ex - but he looks so depressed.
I am like; "So why the long face?"
and he tells me; "The job requires travel, lots of international travel."
And I am like; "- so, you like travel, better than living in your car like you have been, no?"
But he says; "When I went to the passport agency, they told me I can't get a passport until my arrears are paid - and I am going to be paying arrears for years. -Ha! Arrears for Years. - I am going to lose this job."

And it's true - in many states, if you owe even one dollar in support money, you can't get a passport. Just another way the Dred Scott decision is still very much alive in US Law. - Just another way in which men are enslaved here. And they want to keep you enslaved. No earning money for you - they will take away your professional licenses, your ability to travel, your posessions, and 65% of what you earn, and demand that you try and take out loans to pay off your 'arrears'. All prior to hearing (not trial - no, no trial for you). Slavery, pure and simple.

It is great to be part of the patriarchy, isn't it?

My best to you in your struggles,


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