Thursday, September 22, 2005

D is for Deadline

I am under deadline for the next week or two, so posting is going to be reduced. My heart is still with the movement, very much so, because the whole job thing right now is operating under a garnishment of at least 60%, as those of you who read the little personal bits tossed in know.

It is very true that if I did not have some wonderful people in my life, that I would be on the street right now. I am thankful for them. However, it bothers me that the system is really at this point taking advantage of them, as it also takes advantage of the families and friends of vast numbers of men.

I think that one of the stories that needs to get out, and that needs to be said again, and again, and again, is that your average joe, without cheating or beating, can suddenly find himself divorced, and enslaved:

- because the sex of the parent is the main factor in determining custody
- because child support and alimony have nothing to do with need
- because today jobs come and go
- because finding the next job can take a long time
- because the next one may not pay the same
- and because the courts could care less.

It can and does happen to anyone. No, let me correct that, it could happen to any MAN.

In the meantime, take a look at these blogs that I have recently found:

Nevadans for Equal Parenting - interesting stuff there, and Tim Worstall who also blogged The Case of the Inebriated Identification.

I also notice that I finally crept up from 'wiggly worm' to 'crunchy crustacean' in The TTLB Ecosystem. 'Woo Hoo!' ...ok. I'm not really excited about that. The fact that I will probably break 2K visits if I post anything good in the next couple weeks is more inspiring. Of course then it's a long haul to 10K. :) Maybe I'll celebrate at 5K. Oh, yeah, I'm not getting paid by visit, and if I was, most of it would go to my ex anyway.

My best to all of you in your struggles.


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