Thursday, October 27, 2005

A is for Activism...

Pressure from many corners has forced Houston PBS to commit to airing other views with respect to PBS's hugely false 'Breaking the Silence' special which casts all men as abusers. This is great but more venues must be obtained to have some equality for men's rights voices. Many voices have spoken on this issue, follows is part of a great post on Hate Male Post:

Gender feminists love to harp on about breaking this mythical silence about topics such as domestic abuse. In reality, with $5 billion in funding from the federal government going to gender feminist organizations thanks to the misandrist Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), it's hard to hear pretty much anything but what feminists want you to hear about American families. An extraterrestrial intelligence intercepting our communications and perhaps running Google searches would have to conclude that the male human species on earth, especially men in America, are brainless brutes who ALL create their own private Idaho of violence as part of their mating ritual.

Of course, this is not true. American women are the most privileged group in the history of the world. They are the safest, the most pampered, and with the most options available to them of any group[...]

Many other voices have spoken out against this PBS disinfomercial as documented in Just Another Disenfrachised Father's post "Silence Broken":

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Glenn Sacks offers another voice, documenting true accounts of PAS, and facts.

In addition, psychologists are speaking out against PBS's disinformercial:

American Psychological Association Says Breaking the Silence Misrepresents Its Position on PAS
Mental Health Professionals Condemn 'Breaking the Silence'

Please keep speaking out about this issue, Glenn provides a great web-page to coordinate protests to PBS. Please use it so that our voices are heard, and so that other regions may be able to hear the truth.

My best to you in your struggles...


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