Monday, June 04, 2007

B is for Blackmail

I have repeatedly commented how divorce law amounts to blackmail, with a man's wellbeing, assets, freedom, ability to travel, and even children being held up to squeeze out money with the cheerful cooperation of the New Jersey court system.

Well at least the law -or lack of anything resembling real law- applies to all men, regardless of power, as Jon Corzine recently found out, being forced to knuckle under to divorce-court palimony of $ 6 Million to his girlfriend of 18-months;
Carla Katz. Poor Corzine ended up not only forking over for his golddigger, he also ended up paying for a trust to pay for Ms. Katz’s two children (12 and 15 years old) to attend college, and a 2005 Volvo sport utility vehicle that cost about $30,000. Oh, and he also bought Ms. Katz's half of her ex-husband's home for her for $470,000. (Apparently they discussed buying and rennovating the place together.) Oh, and she also gets a lump sum of cash to buy a $1.1 million condominium.

There certainly isn't a moral to this stlory, but if there was, it would be for every well-heeled man to leave New Jersey, and the USA, too.

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