Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A is for Angry Dad

While perusing the Men's Rights Blog Feed, I discovered another blog I highly recommend to anyone interested in the issues of divorce and the Injustice System known as "Family" Court.

The Angry Dad was a blog began in 2004 by the author whose wife left him and started the wheels of Injustice rolling by going through the whole nine yards of all the brutal divorce tactics employed by the feminist divorce system. False domestic violence accusations, lying, deception, parental alienation...just another nightmare, written the past four years, in painful, explicit detail.

And the Angry Dad's journey through the system is still not over.

Just as Misandrope has painfully detailed his own divorce proceedings in vivid detail on this blog, so too does Angry Dad regale us with his tale of fighting tooth and nail to remain an involved and loving father in the lives of his children.

Good luck George, I wish you the best in your ongoing struggles to remain a Dad!

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