Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I is for (dis)Incentive pt IV

Tomorrow I hope to be too busy to post. But who knows? There has been a bit of posting action on 'N is for Nuturer' below, might be worth a glance....

I wanted to call atention to a couple different posts on the web about a different form of 'incentive' relating to marriage... ...rather than focusing on the relative rates of divorce between states, these posts call atention to the dis-incentive provided by our oppressive legal system as it affects the overall marriage rate- -producing what some are calling 'the marriage strike'. If you haven't seen this yet, take a look at this editorial at ifeminists by Wendy McElroy and also at this post by Matt Weeks that Wendy links to in her editorial. Oh, and Matt got a good part of his data and text from Glenn Sacks. All are well worth a read.

Marriage is down overall, and the factors pointed out by Wendy, Matt and Glenn (factors that we have also addressed here) are not insignificant. I worry that things will get still worse before they improve.


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