Friday, August 26, 2005

M is for Malevolent Pt II

In the original post by this title, I cited the various evil things that the court system does to men, such as stealing assets, income, and offspring, without any real recourse, and since then we have come to learn that the judges are not just unfair on their own, but are trained to treat men unfairly, unequally - granting, for instance, restraining orders where no evidence of abuse is in evidence, and always interpereting the law 'against' the man. (see also here, and here, hat tip to Well new evidence of evil has just rolled in; now a law has passed the legislature in North Carolina that would require the state to assist women who seek restraining orders against men in obtaining 'carry concealed' permits and guns, and giving local sherrifs legal leeway to grant these permits in these 'emergency situations'. Let's see, we want to give guns to women when we know already that 40% or more of them have just lied to have their hubbie thrown out of the house so that they can better steal his assets and keep him from his children. Oh, that's just lovely. Steal the bull-elephant's food, his home, and his children, and when he comes trumpeting towards you, blow him away with your state-provided gun. Yet another example of how the state is clearly misandrous.

But there is good news! The law can still be vetoed: North Carolinans, call your Gov - he can still veto it before Oct 1. After that, it's puttin the guns in the hands of the thieves, always a winning strategy I think.

hat tip to the DesertLightJournal for alerting me to this story.

p.s. The following quote from the fatherhoodcoalition might shed some further light on why issuing guns with restraing orders is bad:

Almost 90% of judicial magistrates in New South Wales acknowledged that protective orders were used in divorce - often on the advice of a solicitor - to deprive fathers of access to their children. Elaine Epstein, former president of the Massachusetts Women's Bar Association, writes that restraining orders are doled out 'like candy.' 'Everyone knows that restraining orders and orders to vacate are granted to virtually all who apply,' and 'the facts have become irrelevant,' she reports.

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