Monday, July 20, 2009

A is for Activism

Have I done this one before? No matter.... I'd like to ask you to get active.

Our Congress is wrapping up its dog-and-pony show examination/'Confirmation' hearings of Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

Here is a woman who has stated over and over and over that she thinks a wise Latina woman (isn't that redundant?) would make better decisions than a white man. She also belonged to 'La Raza' (in english 'The Race') for six years, and, of course, thinks race, and by extention, gender outweighs merit. (The Supreme Court did not concur.)

We have enough Gender Feminists and their allies in government. It is the work of a few moments to seek out your representatives feedback pages and ask them to vote against Sotomayor. Current public opinion is already overwhelmingly negative. (43% against confirmation, 37% for confirmation.)

It is possible that your electronic letter might make a difference.

Click Here for a website that allows you to pull up contact information for your senators and representatives. Put a message in their feedback page, or send them an email.

Let them know that we don't need MORE gender bias in the courts - 'wise latina' or not.



Anonymous said...

The career political class has no interest in what you have to say, except on election day. The American people are 75% in favor of building a fence along our southern border. Yet we do not have one. We are 75% against bank and car company bailouts, yet we have those. We are 80% against amnesty for illegal aliens, yet congress tries to pass it every year.

They are not on our side. Vote them all out every chance you get. politics should not be a career.

B. Riddick said...

Unfortunately, the choice of senators in my state seem to consist of: A feminist who clearly has been trading off of her gender for years (and has authored and co-authored book regarding "leading women in politics" and other such self-aggrandizing tripe.

The other option is a collossal bible-thumping mangina, from the looks of things. As usual in our society, a couple of bad options, and no good ones. There is simply no representative for us, only for those who make our lives worse.