Friday, August 21, 2009

M is for Meaning

Ok, below we have a sexy video of a Ukranian lovely. A beautiful, busty Ukranian girl, singing about something, but what is it? The imagery of the bride over the murdered groom, and holding the knife over his back, the imagery of the woman performing for military men, being interrogated, and in mourning garb?

Anyway, if you ask the Carrot-man, everyone looks a little orange, but this video made me think of the relationship between women and their men, who are very disposable.

(Scroll Down for Lyrics)

The Lyrics Are:
АЛЛО! АЛЛО!Hello! Hello!
КТО ТРУБОЧКУ ВЗЯЛ?Who answered the phone?
От ты даешь....Wow...
Милый, смешной, игривыйSweety, funny, playful
Закроешь глазки и полетимClose your eyes and we will fly away
Милый, смешной, игривыйSweety, funny, playful
Мое сердечко не разбивайDo not break my little heart
Припев (Chorus):
Да да даYes yes yes
Люблю тебяI love you
Да да даYes yes yes
Люблю тебяI love you
Да да даYes yes yes
Люблю тебяI love you
Да да даYes yes yes
Люблю тебяI love you
Солнце, послушай солнцеSunny, listen sunny
Твоя улыбка милее всех эхYour smile is the loveliest of all, hey
Солнце, я не ревнуюSunny, I am not jealous
Я знаю сложно любить такуюI know such love is difficult
Пупсик, мой сладки пупсикBaby, my sweet baby
Давай за ручку гулять с тобойCome on lets walk hand by hand
ОЙ! Oy!
Пупсик, мой сладкий пупсикBaby, my sweet baby
Я на край света, уйду с тобойWith you I will go to the edge of the world
Припев (Chorus)
ПОВЕРЬ! НУ ПОВЕРЬ МНЕ! ЭЙ! ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ! ДА! Believe! Believe me! Hey! I love you! Yes!


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