Monday, January 21, 2008

L is for Lawyers

L is for Lawyers
Whom women adore
If they can't win men's cases;
What good are they for?

If perjury and graft
By girls is just fine,
Then why would a man
Give a lawyer a dime?

When no matter the facts
The girl always wins
Then shouldn't men's lawyers
Fill old garbage bins?

Not to mention the fees
Which the men always pay
Why pay both your lawyer,
And her goon, I say?

And with burden of proof
Firmly laid on your side
Do you need a lawyer
To help tan your hide?

And presumption of guilt!
And impution, and jail!
And suspension of licenses,
Garnishment, Bail!

No the kangaroo courts
That our men have to face
Make men's lawyers redundant
An endangered race

It should be a sign that
There are so few of these
A sign that our courts
Have forced men to their knees

I don't have an answer
And it's really not fair
So please write your legislator
About this... ...if you dare.


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The Geezer said...

Right on, as always.