Friday, January 18, 2008

L is for Links

Yesterday, I took a moment and adjusted links, something I do far too infrequently.

Some interesting MRA blogs have fallen silent, others have announced their departure, I am taking more note of some that I had paid less attention to in the past, and new ones have arisen. I have tried to add the ones I have noticed that grabbed me, and still have a couple to add. I appreciate everyone who links here, and am very appreciative of the time and energy that my fellow bloggers expend in blogging.

I also know how easy it is to be silenced:

+ Like a body fighting an incurable infection like leprosy, sometimes it is easier to just give up to the gynocracy. This can take the form of the blogger becoming too emotionally drained, or just not having the time, as he drags off to two or three jobs to support the ability of his ex to enjoy the lifestyle to which HE would like to become accustomed.

+ Sometimes blogs are discovered by the evil ex, and they 'can and will' be used against one in court, as they demonstrate the sin of not wanting to be a slave to our female masters.

+ And sometimes, perhaps often, a blogger simply loses access to the technology, the networks and computers that make blogging possible. A significant majority (as much as 80%) of the homeless are male, and the pervasive slavery and financial ruin that impinges upon men following divorce contributes significantly to the homelessness of men. Where do you go to blog when you are living in a cardboard box? Perhaps the library, if you don't get shooed away.

So I appreciate my fellow MRA bloggers a lot, and with all that said, welcome:

Hawaiian Libertarian
Mens News Daily
Toy Soldier
Eternal Batchelor
Don't Marry
Carnival of Reaction
The Man On the Street
Male Matters
...and... (added later)...
No Feminazis
Dr Helen

Thanks to all of you, and 'keep on blogging!'


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