Thursday, January 17, 2008

M is for MBTYIYS

I write 'my best to you in your struggles,'
Because we must struggle.
We are forced into an adversarial legal system,
Where we are the adversary,
Where we pay for both our lawyer
And our attacker's lawyer,
And both of them, and the judge
Are fully invested, trained, and full participants in a system that treats men as subhumans which are presumed guilty, and never proven innocent. Many of us give up: whatever their ex wants, she gets, and she stops taking them to court, and the man limps on, his savings ransacked, his earning potential reduced to bare subsistance or below, in search of shelter, missing his kids. Others cannot give up, either because their rage at injustice burns brighter, or because their ex keeps suing them, and getting him to pay her legal fees. There is no justice for men, but if there ever is to be, we must struggle. Letters must be written. Marches must be organized. Speeches must be made, and all on top of the crushing, dehumanizing, unavoidable and slavery-like burdens the court places upon us. We must all work, and do something regularly to restore men's rights. Can you help? Do struggle, even just a little.

My Best to you in your struggles!


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